Programs and Workshops​​

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Adult Beginning Guitar Group Class

Tuesday evenings from 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM


An 8-week course intended for complete beginners. Topics covered will include: tuning, open chords, power chords, strumming, lots of handouts, and of course – lots of songs!

For all ages, 12 and up. Students supply their own guitar, acoustic or electric (“bring what you got”).


Note based on experience teaching this class: A commitment to practice at least 20 minutes a day will ensure getting the best value from this class. Each lesson will build on the one before so practice and regular attendance are crucial.


Email us through the contact form or call (408)395-7436 to reserve a spot!

Ukulele Group

Join the Ukelele revolution! The ukulele is an accessible, portable and inexpensive instrument for all ages. Join our weeknight Ukelele group and add a new dimension to your social life!

Beginning students will learn the basic chords and strums necessary to play a varied repertoire of popular and folk music, and more advanced students will be given appropriate material to add on to their knowledge.

Call or email for the most current session information! 408-395-7436

Small Ensemble Singer’s Class – Learn How to Sing Harmony!

with instructor Jon-Mark Hurley


This class will focus on singing three and four part harmony while studying all styles of music.Students will learn how to use their voice as their instrument while being introduced to fun and lively music styles that they will enjoy. 

They will become aware of basic musicianship skills such as recognizing note names and reading the music staff, learning to count beats and rhythm patterns as well as learning how to sing vocal melodies and harmonies in a small ensemble setting.

· Small class size
· Vocal technique through warm ups and exercises
· Performance, Presentation, and Confidence skills
· Learn to hear melodies and sing harmonies in an ensemble setting.


  Call or email for the most current session information 408-395-7436