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Marie Halcrow

Marie is a music instructor and producer, specializing in vocal performance, music theory, piano improv, & composition. She has a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance, is ProTools certified and earned a Vocational Certificate in Music Recording & Production alongside her bachelors degree.  Her lessons are student-centric, emphasizing classical foundation in all fields, while striving to direct lessons according to students' unique ambitions.  Strong stage presence, deeper understanding of blending & breath support, and a sharper ear for intuitive learning are all skills you can expect to develop with Marie.  Song motivated lesson plans, and making music in every lesson are tenets she holds near and dear.  Most of her free time is spent writing and producing songs working in Logic X and ProTools.  Raised in a bicultural household, she speaks french fluently and much of her time growing up was spent pursuing artistic avenues of music and poetry. 

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