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Louise DeLucchi


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Louise Delucchi is a vocal instructor, vocal coach, and a professional singer of American Standards and Brazilian Music. She has been teaching music since 1994.
Louise is comfortable teaching children and adults at all levels in the genres of Musical Theater, Pop, Rock and Jazz. She also teaches basic music theory and beginning piano. 
Louise feels that no matter what style you sing, you need a strong vocal technique to support your natural voice. She provides a place to feel comfortable, have fun, and work on your craft. Louise has years of experience working with students who are preparing for auditions or performances, as well as those who just want to sing and work on songs. 

A note from Louise on her teaching approach:    


The student learns breath control, a connective vocal technique that allows you to sing smoothly through your bridges, chest, middle, and head voice without ever straining.


 ·  Coaching - is something different from learning technique. The student is coached on how to  personalize a song, to refine her voice. What is the emotion? How should you choose a song that is good for your voice? Is the song age appropriate? What is the meaning of the song/lyrics?  Between phrasing, dynamics, projection, vowels, and enunciation there are so many ways to give a song your personal touch or find a different meaning.


 ·  Stage presence - How to feel comfortable on stage; what to do with your hands; where do you look and walk and stand?  Above all else try to remember this is a process; it should be fun working on your music and reaching your goals! Don't be afraid!      


My favorite quote:  "JUMP AND THE NET APPEARS!"  

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