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Mike Fjerstad

Guitar, Ukelele, Bass Guitar

Since no two people are exactly alike, Mike favors a highly customized, goal-oriented teaching approach.  Mike communicates with each student to understand the individual's goals, strengths, weaknesses, learning style, and interests.  He then tailors song/repertoire choices, technique exercises, and lessons in music theory to match the needs of the individual.  Each element works together with the others towards the goal for the week, and each week's benchmark is part of a long-term strategy to move past plateau's and reach the next level, whatever that may be for each student.   Ultimately Mike's goal is to set each student on some path that will lead to lifelong enjoyment of music and their instrument.  

Mike's STUDENTS have: 

◆ Gained admission to Berklee School of Music, University of Utah School of Music (Graduate program), and Brigham Young University School of Music (undergrad), and graduated with all respective degrees.

◆ Performed nationally in professional bands.

◆ Started successful teaching businesses and recording studios.

◆ Auditioned successfully for High School and Jr. High Jazz Ensembles and combos.

◆ Started their own bands, written their own songs, learned to play their favorite artist's songs, and had an awesome time loving music!


Mike has a Bachelor's degree in Media Music from Brigham Young University where he studied Songwriting, Jazz Performance, and Classical Guitar.  Mike is Suzuki trained and has experience teaching kids age 5 and up. Mike has years of experience teaching students with special needs including Down Syndrome, various points on the Autistic Spectrum including Aspergers, and also children and adults with ADHD.  

Mike has 11+ years National and International touring experience including performances, TV, and radio appearances across the United States, as well as in Canada, Mexico, Aruba, The Bahamas, The Dominican Republic, Italy, Monaco, France, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein with ultra high profile corporate/wedding dance bands, country bands, and other groups ranging in genre from Jazz, Folk, and Celtic music to Big Band Swing, and Dixieland/Traditional Jazz


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